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  1. It's not a choice. I get automatic updates to make sure that bugs are being fixed. It'd be a choice if I were wanted in advance that I'm going to lose many of the features that attracted me to the app.
  2. My point is that we don't know what we're getting until it's on our phone. We don't have the option of going back. It's not an advance if it removes capability.
  3. I hate your crappy update. You removed the versatility and customization options. I hate the way it works. I hate the view you gave me. I don't use the online version because you neutered it. I will be changing to OneNote and cancelling my subscription unless you get your act together and give us the alternate home page and colors we used to have before you screwed over your customers.
  4. I want to open my Evernote and see the notebook list and most recently accessed files. I do not need to see the entire list of notes. I had this functionality. I had a versatile customizable note taking app. Now I am forced to do this game your way. And your way sucks. I am giving you a very short time to fix this maximum ***** up or I am voting with my feet and my pocketbook by going elsewhere.
  5. @DTLow If we had known you would break the user interface, we would have avoided the update. Why don't you let us download the old version since you want to be so snobby about it. You gave us functionality we didn't want or need and took away what we liked best about the app. Why didn't you think about that before uploading a crappy update?
  6. I haven't used Evernote since the update other to move my data to OneNote and Dropbox. Next month I'll cancel my subscription
  7. I really can't use this app anymore due to the cruel new interface that hurts to look at. It's too bright. It's ugly and I will have to transition to One Note and cancel my premium membership if this is not fixed soon.
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