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  1. I have been using this and it seems to work really good. http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ You have to authorize it to access your Evernote account.
  2. Since the editor is lacking in many ways, why can't we edit the source of the note to fix things. Right now I have to use a third party editor. I can understand a lot of people may not be able to understand it but it could be a Premium feature for those of us that can. Several times now I've had problems with tables. Today a cell has been missing and had to edit the source to get it back. Most of the time it's because I try and change the width of a column and it messes everything else up. So I have to use an ENML Editor I found to remove the width styling which goes to like the 10th decimal place. I'm serious, there was a table cell with style="width:14.61794019933555%;" That seems a bit crazy to me. Copied and Pasted from a note, I didn't make it up. I would be happy if you would just fix the editor and make it better to edit and fix problems. That is my biggest complaint about Evernote. I have to much time, energy, and money, many many years of paying premium to move to something else when all it needs is the note editor worked on. I find it hard to understand why software companies don't fix the main parts of a program when they don't work well. Thanks, Jeffery
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