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  1. I posted too soon. Freezing on relaunch of EN on iPad again!

    I have again deleted app, restarted iPad, reinstalled app but same problem if search term left in search field (sorry, it’s just my workflow and I’m not going to change because of this sudden bug that wasn’t in EN before.

    I’m on a good internet connection so that’s not the problem.

    700+ notes. Longtime user.

    And I see from App Store that the latest version is 3 weeks old.  VERY disappointed.

    what other productivity tool are EN users looking to migrate to?



  2. Hello everyone. I’m the one who started this thread and I’m please to report that my iPad is no longer freezing as of one day ago.

    (I'm always on a pretty fat internet connection and have updated EN at every opportunity.)

    It seems that the EN coders have solved this glitch (kudos to them!)

    Let’s hope some future update doesn’t bring it back.


  3. Hello fellow 'freeze' sufferers.  I'm STILL having this issue.  I agree with Callmekarri in that I don't feel WE should have to change our workflow habits to 'please' EN engineers.  Especially as I've been using this for years with no problem about leaving search field populated with last search.  Even when I remember to clear the box, I still find that the app is 'frozen' on my return to it.  I have to them delete the app and reinstall--BIG issue that is causing me to reluctantly look elsewhere for a notes app.

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