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  1. Yes, awhile ago back when I first came here for possible help. But aside from the one suggestion that didn't seem to work for me, and doesn't sound like it worked for others who tried it, I'm not aware of follow up and/or other suggestions or thoughts. I may have missed one however, as I'm likely the least perfect person in this forum...
  2. The dev team silence is quizzical, as this is re-produceable and has enough people mentioning it that it's obviously 'a thing' - more so assuming some ratio of those who mention it to those who don't and/or silently change to another app. I'm no expert but I don't think this is the first app in history to have memory leaks, so it's not like aren't established places to look... I presume the team is busy keeping the boat afloat in the face of recent competitors, and if this is such a niche issue that it doesn't matter to that bigger picture, so be it - but at least some acknowledgement it's on
  3. yes... sorry to report the devteam suggestion doesn't seem to stop the memory leak / pressure. wishful or hopeful thinking on my part but it still creeps up and takes over all the memory until it comes to a pinwheeling stop. my current workaround is to quit and restart the app first thing every morning to get a clean slate. it works but presumably the leak should be plugged on completist grounds... thanks for still looking at this.
  4. update fwiw: i think it is better so far. haven't noticed any cpu revving in the last 24 hours, and memory pressure is sitting at 600MB or less, rather than the max (4GB on this machine, 8GB on another) to which it typically crept up. not sure what it is 'supposed' to be, but this is certainly manageable if it stays like this. thanks so much! update 1-30-17: the cpu issue is still basically 'solved,' haven't had any over-revs since taking the suggested action. but memory pressure *is* still creeping up. i can't tell if it's slower or the same as before, as i have been doing less evern
  5. thx very much for response - i'm rebuilding the index now, but must confess i'm a little hazy on the 'de-select the options' step of edit > spelling & grammar step, as this is what mine shows, afaict nothing to select or de-select:
  6. fwiw +1 with this exact issue. cpu revving and memory pressure increase to maximum for no discernible reason. per your twitter help feed, i'll check back here periodically but presumably for every person who manages to get here and post, there is some multiple who don't. hopefully the culprit will be unmasked shortly - thanks in advance.
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