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  1. Hi DTLow, I am having issues with the Windows 10 version of EN: it frequently "freezes" for several seconds, making it nearly unusable. Yesterday I had a desktop sharing session with a Customer Support technician (thumbs up for EN Customer Support, really nice and caring people!) and he told me that. We killed a few "lenghty" note together, but today I've found more. Hence my question.
  2. Hi, is there a way to filter notes by word count? I would like to find all the notes in my database with more than, say, 10.000 words. This would be very useful, because as far as I know EN has still several issues with >10.000 words notes. Thanks! Fabio
  3. God bless iTunes (I never thought I'd come to this) for allowing us to downgrade to beautiful version 7. And thanks to the people on this forum who taught us all how to do it. My iPad mini is productive again.
  4. Please bring back the presentation mode! Please give us back an easy tag management! Please give us a way to switch back to version 7! Interface in this application is vital. The choice of using the program largely depends on that.
  5. I bought my iPad mini 1 mainly to have Evernote ready on the go. After this update, it is nearly unusable: slow, far from smooth, and the large cards are really in the way of easy browsing. Furthermore, the arbitrary way of displaying image is largely annoying. It would have been more than enough to allow users to choose what picture to display in the old card view!
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