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  1. OK. Have now had the new app for a while, but have now reverted back. What a tremendous difference in my workflow! It was because of all of the bugs and actually I couldn't quite remeber the value of the home screen, since it was such an enheritted part of my every day life. But I can only say: WOW! Since I don't backup my iPhone through iTunes and because I am on Windows, I used this guide: https://writekay.github.io/Legal-Download-Legacy/. It took some time and focus, but I managed in my second try. I found it here, which also has other solutions to go back to previous versions: http://lifeinlofi.com/2015/12/30/how-to-reinstall-older-versions-of-apps-on-your-iphone-or-ipad/ Now I will consider wether Evernote is the future for powerful knowledge management for this century, an my premium subscription worthy..!?!
  2. There are som nice and cool stuff to the update! And as a user primarily using evernote on iPhone and iPad mini for capturing simple stuff and recalling notes, I like the simplicity. However, it might be different for users with big iPad (pro) users e.g. Bugs at the moment: (excuse me, but there are way too many, and I rely on evernote for iOS for being productive, efficient and creative - bugs diminishes all of these) Accessing a tag-based note list through the shortcut view apparently finds all notes (including from the trash) with the tag - I don't want to be bogged down by something I want to forget. When searching for my notes.. I see "no results for [search term]" - but after some seconds (sometimes five) results come up. This is however misinformation, since Evernote is actually searching and I should wait!? When results are displayed, I am though only allowed to view the first note. no matter which one I choose, it jumps to and displays the first!?
  3. I think you just swipe down in the note. It is also stated in their post about the update: "Swipe the keyboard down to save your note and enter View mode"
  4. Saved searches also work for me as per the described method above. I can also seach within a tag by going to all the notes, selecting the tag to filter and searching
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