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  1. I find it quite surprising that there isn't Pen support for Windows 10 tablets - Just purchased the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 and spent about 20 minutes trying to get the pen to work. It may be worth giving Evernote up for one of the other "supported" note taking apps. I hope this is one is on the Evernote Team's To-Do "Note".
  2. Just installed the Evernote 8.0 release on my iPad4 running IOS 10.2 (Latest) - CRASH and BURN! Since the 8.0 update, Evernote 8.0 will get to a blank white screen for about 5 seconds and then close. With the amount of money I pay for Evernote Premium, I would expect release testing on common devices at minimum before release. What kind of release engineering cycle if any goes on with this product?
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