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  1. My terminology may have been off. Sorry. But a few minutes before your response, I started thinking the same thing - separate notes. And for the documents in this particular note, that does make some sense. But here's my overall issue. I have a notebook called Clients. In that notebook are 500 notes - 500 clients. In those notes, I scan documents associated with those clients. I would still like to see those note in reverse chronological order. Sometimes the images are presented in reverse chronological order, sometimes not. And I don't know why.
  2. This sorts the list of notes in the notebook. I understand that I can sort this in any number of ways. However, in the note are 100 document scans. I am trying to sort these items in reverse chronological order, either by a sort command or drag and drop. However, drag and drop appears not to be available. Nor does cut and paste within the same note. At this point it appears that I have to live with this. And I now understand why people are frustrated by Evernote. I wouldn't exactly call it customizable.
  3. That makes perfect sense, but my View menu is as follows. (BTW, using Evernote app): Shortcuts Left Panel Note List Note Panel Tags View Quick Search Work Chat ____ Search Information Editing Toolbar Status bar
  4. This should be simple, but I can't figure it out. I scan documents to a notebook. I want to view the most recent images first. However, Evernote adds the new images to the bottom. Is there a way to automatically sort/re-sort these documents automatically in reverse chronological order? There are about 100 images so far, and growing. I can't even attempt drag and drop because the images are full size and so the process is unmanageable. So, if drag and drop reordering is possible, is there also a way to reduce the images sizes to thumbnails? Thanks.
  5. As for the advice that users refrain from updating the app until it is more stable, that's ridiculous. I'm on auto update and haven't had a problem until now. And it's not as if Evernote is a game or a nice to have app. Like others here, I'm paying for the premium version, and I use it regularly. And today I needed it urgently, and it failed.
  6. All that info in the OP would be great if Evernote would actually work. I am opening Evernote on my iphone 5s and it won't stay open. The flash screen disappears instantaneously. And yet the app is open in the app stack. I click on that, but at that point the app disappears. Wouldn't you know it, but I need to upload material to evernote urgently so that a remote sales person can access the data. I have no idea whether this is only on iphones or also on ipad? I rebooted the phone severasl times. No luck. Turned off Evernote on the desktop. No luck. I gotta tell you, Evernote, you took something that wasn't broke, and you broke it. Very unhappy! Also unhappy to discover there seems to be no way to get in touch with support directly to open a ticket. Kind of hard to expect a response when there are already 7 pages of comments,. Did I say this already? Very unhappy.
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