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  1. Yes, I've just changed the picture to a low res one! Awesome! Thank you so much
  2. I see, so she should only use pictures in lower resolution?
  3. No, the note is fine. That is the picture of the email.
  4. Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my friend who has Evernote Premium. When she shares a note from her iPad by email the recipient gets a note with tiny text and huge pictures. The same happens if she shares a link, even worse. If we simplify the formatting the text is fine but no pictures are received. Please can you help? I've tried everything I can think of. Many thanks
  5. Thank you very much. I guess I got confused with the Windows version.
  6. Evernote 8.0.1 Hi. When a note is open, how can I see the tags applied to it displayed next to the notebook name? Many thanks, Marturott
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