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  1. I have had the same experience after 8.0.2. 8.0.1 was 10 sec and 8.0.2 ws 15 sec to change notes (with just text). After re-installing, its acceptable performance but still not as good as 7x
  2. I had that issue after both the 8.0.1. & 8.0.2 updates. I removed and reinstalled the Evernote app after 8.0.1 and that stopped the crashes but not the slowness or what looked like freeze up. Yesterday, I removed and reinstalled again and not Evernote on my iPad is much more responsive, Still not as good as rel 7x, but much, much better than it was. Still monitoring and watching, its acceptable, but still not as good as the previous (7) version.
  3. This morning I uninstalled Evernote on my iPad for the second time and now performance, switching between notes is acceptable.
  4. finally, yes. type the characters for the tag then hit the return button, not the + to add your newly created tag. Thanks @csihilling, but I still could not get it until I tried the return button.
  5. and at the note level, I can only add tags that already exist in the list. I can't create a "new" tag. Can you create a "new" tag
  6. yes and I don't see how to create a new tag there isn't a + or add button
  7. I think the question is how to "create" new tags in the iOS app. I can see how to add existing tags to notes, but I can't find how to create a new tag while on the iPad or iPhone
  8. I installed 8.0.2 on my iPad this morning and load time is worse. On 8.0.1 switching between notes and seeing the text, took 10 sec. Now on 8.0.2 it's taking 15 sec. I'm still an Evernote fan, but I'm being tested by the issues and functionality of rel 8. Most users are "totally dependent" on Evernote and Evernote no longer has the luxury of beta testing in the real, live world. seems to be fine on iPhone 6. All devices are updated to latest iOS
  9. Agree with many users and seeing almost all the reported issues too on my iPad. Had to uninstall and reinstall to stop crashing. Doesn't seem to crash now, but performance is horrible. Opening an existing note with nothing more than simple one Lin of text, is taking 10 seconds on my iPad. Did not seen that before this update. It is very frustrating to now be paying an annual fee and then take so many steps backwards in capability and performance especially since performace was one of the touted benefits of rel 8.0. im an Evernote fan, but this is testing patience.
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