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  1. The new web version is a step back IMHO. The old design was new and inovative allowing for almost full page note editing, keeping only a column for the notes and a slim button interface to change notebooks/tag/etc that expanded on a ribbon approach. This is far superior to the new iteration with double columns for the Notebooks/Tags and Notes Items. You must understand that when using web interface we might be stuck with less screen space. The old layout was also more streamlined and clean. The approach to show only what is needed hiding some others was very appealing and I would have expected a refresh version of this, with more thought over the things that were not that good instead instead of haviing this "new" approach that basically is to look like any other OS's Client?... Why do we have to go though these major versions with major features taken back.... Also thumbnails view are there and loading time are much faster for me on Chrome on the old version. Who likes the Old Version Layout better and thinks was a step (not totally there, but in the ballpark) forward and this new one is not really moving things to a better place?
  2. Yes, this is consistent with my issue description as well. There is some large seconds gap/hang happening when reentering the app and this is after the usual load 1/2 seconds time. I thought it could be the "Reduce Motion as ON" option because it deals with iPhone Animations/Views but no luck there. This is mostly an issue with UI thread locking up for an extra long job that should be forked off to background handling. Very frustrating! The new UI is great and a long time coming, now we really need it to work! PLEASE!
  3. I still have the 12+ second hang on the scrolling after exiting the note editor; even after all the indexing/download and having stopped the overactive activity indicator. Yes, I agree there must be some threading issues, it seems the UI thread is being blocked and not released and some syncronous waiting is happening after the note editor (wihout any change on the note whatsoever that would likely need a refresh on the note listing screen)
  4. I have the exact same problem...! iPhone 5SVersion 10.24gb memory availableDeletion of last version prior to download of version 8.0Rebooted iPhoneAfter waiting hours for it to stabilize and complete indexing/downloads...1) The note list scrolling is a pain and even on offline notebooks is jerky and completely stops and hangs for about 12+ seconds mostly when exiting from the note editor.2) When entering a note the app the load up is a quite slow compared to last version even on offline notebooks.3) the offline notebooks (partial, not all) loading took many long minutes (more than an hour, counting the in-app time) for a total of about 1000 notes. In that time the activity indicator at the status bar was on (when app was running).4) the app hangs and jitters; all of the above happens even with a small offline notebooks already fully in memory!5) when entering/going back to the app sometimes it hangs even if the current screen was the account screen!In terms of stability comparing with last version on a 5S, this is really bad.
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