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  1. All business models evolve and I have used EN for a long time. I think EN is seeing its final days of being my shining star. In our house we have 5 different computers located in multiple rooms. At one time they were all MS boxes but now only one remains on MS. The remaining one is MS only because I must use proprietary software for my business. I'll be retiring in a couple years and that box will switch to Linux. Why do I think the business model of EN is looking at future issues that are getting closer by the day. Well there is Google and the fact that more and more people are working with cloud computing. Also now that MS is putting their toe in nix commands, how long will it be until MS and Nix play well together. MS sees a lot of people leaving and they don't like it. So all the potential Nix customers that EN alienated for all the years will not be customers during the changing environment. People are creatures of habit and the forgotten Nix people will be accustomed to another habit and it won't be EN. I believe that as computing evolves, as computing becomes more and more a needed form to live in the world, in the legal environment it will be viewed as a utility. Now when something becomes a utility, those companies that have written an EULA that is so one sided that both parties are not equal will be viewed as onerous by the courts. Time will tell but I've read a lot of contracts in my life and so many have holes so big a 747 could fly through them. Today courts do not take a kind view of one sided contracts and I think in the future software companies will have to re-write their EULA that provides a more equitable arrangement to both parties. So that is my two cents and from looking at the long history on this forum, you are looking at years of unsatisfied people. MY wonderment is -- why did you have such a stiff neck about the matter?
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