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  1. Just verified that this issue keeps happening on my iPad Pro under Evernote 8.0.2.
  2. Just tested again. It no longer happens on my iPhone, but the bug is still present on my iPad. I have an iPad Pro 9.7", iOS version 10.2.
  3. This happens on both my phone and iPad. My phone is an iPhone 6s Plus.
  4. I already uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote on iOS, so this is a genuine bug with the app. Steps to reproduce: Search for a word. In the search results, select a note that is not the first one in the search results. Expected behavior: I should be able to see any note I select. Actual behavior: When I select any note after the first one, the note does not get displayed, and it reverts to the first note or a previous note in the search results.
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