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  1. With the same problem, I followed their suggestion to delete the Icon from the iPhone and go back to the App store and re-install and it's working fine for me. You delete the App by holding down one App for a couple of seconds and them press on the 'X" by the EN App.
  2. YES!!! that's what I meant. I see now, it's for "reminders". I accidentally set up reminders and now, I should remove them. Thank you so much!!!
  3. The only problem I can't figure out is the "red warning" that indicates there is one message won't disappear. I have no idea where to look for messages. I use an iPhone.
  4. It worked for me, I deleted de App from my iPhone and redownloaded and it's working. As far as other problems, I have not noticed anything unusual.
  5. Got it! I appreciate that. I actually have 3 external hard drives to back up my hard drive. !!! thanks
  6. Sorry, I did not define "need". I read a post above that they back up their data. I did not know if besides our data being "safe" in Evernote's servers was good enough protection, or should I do a personal back up? I can't even find how to back up my data.
  7. Question: Do we need to do a separate back up of the data? or being online is enough?
  8. THANK YOU!!!!! I was afraid to try that one because it says that data will be deleted, but I am sure it's on the web, so we're safe. I'll do that. Best regards,
  9. I read that this problem has been fixed back to 2016, but today 1/18/2017 for the first time, it happened to my iPhone 6. I open Evernote and it won't stay open, it just disappears. Please HELP, my business depends on it. Thank you
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