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  1. Hi. I've actually sent the stylus back to Amazon! It certainly didn't work well with Penultimate and it was dreadful with the Adobe apps (there is a 4-5mm offset between the point and the stroke, making it nigh on impossible to do anything with any level of precision). I bought Goodnotes to see how that got on with the stylus and things were marginally better there. Trouble is the integration with Evernote is not as slick. I am going to try a different stylus and see if I get on better. I may even bite the bullet and buy the Evernote recommended one! Thanks again for your advice. Much apprecia
  2. Thanks. Actually the stylus is due to arrive today so I will test and report back. I was just curious to know whether Penultimate functioned only with the official stylus or whether others could be used.
  3. I appreciate that there is a specific stylus designed to work hand in hand with Penultimate, but can any stylus be used, even though the full functionality of that stylus may not be utilised? I have just bought a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 which is specifically to be used with the Adobe Sketch and Draw apps, but having just come across Penultimate I am hoping that I can use them together. It's the one thing that will encourage me to upgrade to a full Evernote account so I can sync between desktop, iPhone and iPad (the device I would use for note taking with the stylus, but not currently sy
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