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  1. + 10K I need Grammarly inside Evernote. The two most common and critical tools in my quiver. Why can't you get along/integrate?
  2. I don't consider this a fix, just a work-around. And with the Apple approval cycle being what it is, it may take a week or so before a true fix is released. That said, I agree with your customer service sentiment to send an email alert out and offer the workaround to Evernote subscribers, and in addition I would recommend to update the App Store description at the very top to advise of this bug/issue and guide affected users to the workaround blog piece - and not make them research this on forums in order to find out what's going on. In all I am still a fan of Evernote and it has been very solid and bug free over the years. IMHO Providing transparency to their user base would only enhance Evernote's reputation.
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