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  1. Jacob, Finally got it done. Turns out I just needed to adjust the settings in breakpoint by checking the boxes "request" and "response" in the breakpoint settings. now back to Evernote 7 thanks
  2. Definitely a huge issue as well. 8.02 is actually worse on my iPhone 7+ with freezing
  3. Most likely the guys at Evernote are riding this initial wave of negative feedback through until we get used to the the UI, but having updated the moment it came out you would expect that I would get used to it but actually it just gets worse and frustrations continue to linger. You guys have many people who use Evernote as a hub for the ideas, work, etc. and to introduce a new version that strips them of things that they found essential to their workflow for the sake of streamlining (when it's not actually streamlined) just doesn't make sense and ruins the relationship with the consumer base and could reflect a lack of understanding on behalf of Evernote.
  4. Most likely Evernote did away with the green and black because they did away with the home screen and couldn't made the. Let's themselves green or black. Hence, give us the homescreen back.
  5. This actually made things simpler. Now everything is one step removed.
  6. Appreciate the update: - landscape mode for iPhone 7plus - font sizes and colors - more streamlined in certain ways Would appreciate: - home screen (I understand that having Evernote open up to the most recent notes seems to be better for work flow however the most recent notes doesn't always equate to priority) - w/out homescreen and jumping right into "All Notes" means that Shortcuts/Notebooks/Tags/etc. are one step removed - shortcuts is now a step removed (this should be one click but now requires two) - no option to have green or black (white can be very intrusive, the green and black felt premium) - sketch/handwriting/voice recording is now one step removed which for people who rely more on sketching and handwriting - options such as Bold/Italics are also one step removed (which doesn't make sense when there is plenty of real estate, especially when flipped in landscape) *it seems that with the aim to streamline and simplify it actually made more hurdles and steps Bugs: - when switching back to portrait mode from landscape EN takes me back to a note instead of back to "all notes" -when adding a sketch to a note it automatically sends it to the bottom of the note -annotations on the iPad do not allow zooming thanks premium member
  7. The inability to choose dark mode really does make the experience more intrusive.
  8. Totally agree. I understand that they wanted to get people back to their most recent notes but the most recent doesn't always necessitate the notes that are priority (hence shortcuts which they actually made one step further away with this upgrade).
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