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  1. There is one obvious solution here. Especially for premium members : PUT THE OLD VERSION BACK ON UNTIL THIS 8Th VERSION IS STABLE, FAST, AND OPERATING. We are all loosing time at work, study and at home. Be pragmatic about the work you did and accept to take a step backward... Thank you in advance
  2. Hi ! I've been using Evernote for 3 years now, and loved it so far. I'm in medical school and this app is now in the center of my study habits. Unfortunately this update really is the worst one I've seen in terms of productivity, which is what Evernote is about... The app is globally so slow now (iPad mini retina, never lagging before this update...). Really slow, even when you are juste writing stuff, note even talking about loading notes... all the option about writing are hidden and you have to tape many time to get one option (highlighting for example) again, to set up a reminder... you guys need to put the logo back on so we can just tape on it directly : and this goes for the writing option scrolling down note's list is lagging now... Evernote doesn't need to be graphically heavy to be productive an idea : when you have a lot of reminder it is long to look for one especially now that the app is slow. Wouldn't be possible to have an option to look for an note by date of reminder ? Like a calendar or search option ? also when you create a new note, the writing point (I don't know how to say it in English sorry) shouldn't be in the main writing section but in the title so we can type the title first and then the body of the note. So basically the app is beautiful and more enjoyable to read but mainly less productive to my opinion. The thing is this should be the priority... Thanks in advance
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