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  1. Evernote is the best note taking app out there, but now I have to look for another one! This is because it does not have the Dark Theme anymore!! I cant continue with the white one! Bear app might be an option since it has many themes!!
  2. I really love the new update, but... For ios there is no longer a black background option which I love and was used to Evernote on my phone being dark. I contacted evernote and they got back to me that they are working on it. The thing I am still trying to figure out is how to merge notes in Evernote Web since the files layout is differant. Any advise you guys have please let me know. I am glad the Mac app did not get an update. On the Mac app merging is still as usual Command+Click and choose merge. On the New Evernote web however it couldnt be done.
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