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  1. Hi, sadly the performance is equally rubish for me as it was before (iphone SE) and additionally, can we please get a swipe back feature to the first level were all Note are showns. Where it saves the previous screen with position and stack expandedness (if this is a word). Its annoying to always click on the bottom left notes button to look in the same stack for a different note Thanks for listening!
  2. Hi, I just checked the new Update. Yes i definitly think its an improvement, hopefully also less annoying (lets upgrade your Personal to Business shall we? Notifications) I dont like the stuttering on my iPhone SE though, i think this device should easily handle such simple guis. And: Can we get a dark theme again? Thanks for the Update! Edit: Ah yes the Fontsize mentioned above should be a standart. Edit2: Wow i just found out i can color my Notebooks in the desktop app, but why isnt the color shown in the app...
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