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  1. Sorry, my bad. I had not tried this for a long time because it didn't work for me in the past, but it seems to work now. Thanks for correcting me.
  2. It would be helpful if the program would support drag and drop and copy/paste of attachments rather than just having to use the paper clip button.
  3. For sharing notes, it would be much easier if the application would just access the default email client (e.g. Outlook) to allow selection and auto-fill of email addresses. Other programs do this, so I believe it is technically possible.
  4. This would definitely be a benefit, so that it would be possible to use reminders as "Action Required" markings within notes. Also useful to embed the reminder right into the note so that it ties and links to the item needing follow up. Then a master list of all reminders that could be sorted/filtered by various criteria would make this a killer feature.
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