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  1. Thank you @BSR ! All the formatting is gone, but I suppose it's better than nothing. I still find it rather strange that an entire notebook suddenly disappeared like this, and that even though the notes are there in the database folder, they aren't appearing in the Evernote App. I hope the developers can take a look and find a fix so this doesn't happen again. This has been a huge loss of productivity, which does not really reflect well on an App whose focus is to increase productivity. Thanks again.
  2. I was able to identify one of the missing notes in the Evernote Database folder "/Users/JuliaGulia/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/70131138/content/A00AE345-3766-466F-8D5C-664E96777505" In the folder there are the following files: card.png content-original.enml content.enml LocalNote note.xhtml quickLook.png snippet.txt I double-checked using search in the Evernote app that the file is not there. You mentioned: >> I think you double clicked on a .enml file - we may be able to work with that and convert it to a .html file Do you think we can recover this note above somehow? If so, can you let me know how to convert it to an .html file, or whatever file is needed for it to open in the App? Also, apologies, I missed your previous question: >> btw, Did you download the app from the App Store, or from Evernote - there are database location differences I downloaded the app so long ago, it must be 4 years ago now, I don't recall where I downloaded it from. Thank you again for your help on this issue. I really appreciate it.
  3. Pls find screenshot attached. I selected one of the files which my computer identified as one of the missing notes, which I found by looking for a unique term that I know was in the note "p142.enspot".
  4. I see, thanks for the clarification. I searched Evernote, but they don't appear in the search results. I also look in the "Trash" notebook in Evernote, but the missing notes are also not there. I believe this is a bug in Evernote, and may be related to the transition to the recent "upgraded experience". Is it possible Evernote has changed the formatting of their note files in the upgrade? And if so, is it possible the notebook name "******" is causing some sort of conflict with the new file format?
  5. @Guru, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "learn a lesson", but please note the implied accusation is not helpful or constructive. I did not "mess around" with the file system prior to the notes disappearing. The issue originally occurred when I was using my computer in the normal course of my day. No "messing around".... To reiterate, this is what happened leading up to the disappearance: I had Evernote open, and I was on the internet on Firefox or Safari (I don't recall) I recall switching to Evernote using Command+Tab, but when I clicked on the note I wanted to write it, the system beach-balled. My computer then gave me the message about my HD being full, and Evernote proceeded to close itself. I cleared out files including an Application or two from the Applications folder, as well as files from the Documents Folder. I did not touch the "Library" folder, as it was hidden and at that point in time I didn't not even know it existed. With some space clear, I re-opened Evernote, and it gave me an error about needing to re-index. When it then loaded, the notebook named "*****" and all of its notes were missing. I spent at least an hour looking for where to submit a ticket to support, but when I load the ticket page, I do not see the form to complete. I assume this is because I am a "free" level client, and only Paying clients get to submit tickets, so I opened this thread. Yesterday I did a search on my computer per your suggestion. I looked for words I knew to be in the missing notes. Search located the missing notes, and Finder showed me the path. I appreciate your suggestions to look up the database. What can I do once I have located that? I see the folder called "Purgatory", but it is empty. The Mac search feature has identified the files to be located at the path I mentioned -- "User > Library > Containers > com.evernote.Evernote > Data > Library > CoreData > com.evernote.Evernote > A0D95BB7-56D2-41AC-83A2-03601324335A > ENNote > _records" This is the only place on my machine where the files exist. Is there a way I can "import" my missing notes from this location? What options do I have at this point? Thank you all for your contributions and assistance in this issue.
  6. I did some additional digging and found the notes from that notebook on my hard drive under the hidden "User > Library" folder. The exact path is "User > Library > Containers > com.evernote.Evernote > Data > Library > CoreData > com.evernote.Evernote > A0D95BB7-56D2-41AC-83A2-03601324335A > ENNote > _records" When I double-click one of the files of the notes that I know is missing ("p.142.enspot"), I get the following message in the Evernote Application: "The note you selected belongs to '***w@b****.cc'. Would you like to sign in to that account?" (email blanked out). And the option to select "Cancel" or "Switch". The thing is.... I have one single account and I am signed in to Evernote on that account, as I can see it in the top left of the menu bar in the Evernote Application. When I choose the "Switch" option (even though I am logged into evernote with that account, Evernote "refreshes" all the notes, and the same error message pops up. I click it a second time, Evernote "refreshes" all the notes, and then nothing happens. Another thing I noticed -- There is a secondary sub-folder in my "Libarary" with the path "User > Library > Containers > com.evernote.Evernote > Data > Library > CoreData > com.evernote.Evernote > C102182C-36A8-40F2-9EE6-7E4431011C5D > ENNote > _records" It looks to have all the same notes as from the subfolder A0D95BB7-56D2-41AC-83A2-03601324335A, except my notes that were in the notebook that was named *****, which is the now-missing notebook. Any ideas?
  7. I had a notebook named "******" So it would show up at the top of my list when sorted by notebooks. This Notebook has just disappeared. I used it to track critical information that I need in my job. Here's what happened immediately leading up to the disappearance: 1) My hard-drive was full, and I received a message that said something about "Macintosh HD is full", and the application closed on its own. 2) I deleted files and made space on my hard-drive, then re-opened the Application. 3) Upon opening it, it game me a message that said something about needing to "Re-index", so I clicked ok. 4) When the application opened, the notebook is gone. 5) I logged into my account via Firefox. Notebook also gone from the browser account. I'm attaching the activity log. Please help. I had a lot of very important information in this notebook. My understanding is the point of not needing to back up the notes and notebooks locally is because they are backed up on the cloud. Is it possible to pull back the notebook or my account from an archive? Evernote_454269_2017-01-16.txt
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