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  1. Hello. Has there been any official response from evernote on this? i have struggled for years with the ios version's text editor - mostly a typing lag so bad as to make it unusable - up to several seconds to register that a key has been pressed. it seems to me that with so many people experiencing issues in a very specific area of the ios app, there should be some evernote support response. what is the community advice here? is there something i can read that will explain what the issue is and how to mitigate / workaround? or should i raise a new support ticket myself and post the responses here? periodically i look into upgrading my ipad, thinking that might be the cause but who am i kidding? this is text we're talking about, i am typing it now at high speed with no lag in another app. i have just selected some text from the middle of this, copied it, and pasted it with no problem. selected this to be bold, this to be italic. again, no problem. text editors are easy - they might get diffifcult if, every time you type something, you go off and try and reference what is being typed to an ever expanding database - if that was what was happening, maybe that function should be switchable in preferences. just a thought. please community, respond, and i will do what i can, and post it here. that's what this is for. and if we don't get any joy, escalate. and repeat until we do. hopefully evernote support gets worn down before i do.
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