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  1. Is that a leak? Is that a hint? Don't get me all excited if it's not true. Is it true?! Oh my goodness.... oh my goodness... This is epic and important news! Very!
  2. That's a fair assumption, but not necessarily true. Chrome (and presumably Firefox?) allows code running in the browser to access to the local filesystem. For instance, it's possible with Google Play Music using Chrome to watch a folder on your laptop and automatically upload new music it finds there, to keep your Google Play account in sync with your local music directory. It's not impossible (although not likely) for Evernote to do something similar with the web interface.
  3. That's very true! I've mostly only used it for files that don't get modified, but I have seen this behaviour with new notes being created for the same files, because I had to then deal with the duplicates. Good point!
  4. Yes, this is a feature of the Windows client, presumably also present on the MacOS version. You select a folder and every time a file gets created a new note containing that file is created. I believe that when the file is updated the note get's updated too, but I might be wrong. I have used it quite a bit on Windows, but can't do it on Linux.
  5. Definitely, that would be a pretty good solution. It would be nice if we could do things like folder synchronisation etc through the web client. I'll check, but I've probably already voted on it :-)
  6. That's great. I'm so pleased to see the different interfaces slowly coming together! It would be great if you could do all the same things no matter where you accessed your Evernote account! Dare I ask if there's ever a chance of a Linux app in these new and exciting times?
  7. This is great news. Great to see things being thought out and tested so well. I hope some of these changes will be coming to Android too. It would be great to have a more consistent experience across devices!
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