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  1. I feel like stacked notebooks are a must when choosing where to place a certain note. Currently it just shows a one list that contains all notebooks from all stacks, and it's very cluttered. Think about it: I have 50 notebooks spread across 10 stacks. Now I need to scroll through 50 notebooks to find the specific one... WE NEED IT!!!!!
  2. The support is only for paying users. And not everybody use twitter my friend...
  3. Any team member on this? It's quite absurd that there's no email to report bugs.
  4. I've updated evernote to 7.9.9 recently and now whenever I'm adding a photo as an attachment it shows me "Processing, please wait". Before updating it showed this screen for one second and then I was able to edit the note and save it, but now it's just goes into an infinite loop. Please fix this. It's very hard to work like this. LG G2 D802 16GB, ANDROID 4.4.2
  5. Being able to sort notes/stacks/notebooks in the order I want them. Just a simple "Press&Hold" feature that allows me to move from the bottom of the list up (and vice versa). Delete the "Recent" stack from the homepage of the "Notebooks" - Pretty much useless. Creates an overwhelming feeling when stacks do the organizing... Create pinned entries! This could be very useful. Having a "sticky" post that I find important would be fantastic. If it'll be colored, even better. Change the color of the icon in the notification bar as reminders set off. The gray icon that pops up is just invisible... make it green, yellow, red... a color that grabs attention. Android 4.4.2 User, LG G2. Thanks
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