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  1. Yes, I noticed that, but all this inconsistent behaviour is not good for... wives. Not for mine, at least. Thanks, anyway.
  2. I don't want to edit the image but I would like to be able to give it the size I want without having to manually resize every time I add a new picture. A setting like "Default dimension for dragged or imported images" would be welcome. Or something like the resizing sometimes we get asked when we want to send an image via e-mail. Something like: "do you want to keep the original size or a different one?" Thanks.
  3. It sounds goos as a workaround, I will give it a try. I'm trying to set up a system for my wife to take her notes about her stuff and, as she's not too friendly with computers I'm aiming at the easiest one. In fact I would love to have a merge between OneNote ease at placing everything wherevere you want on the page and the tagging system used by Evernote and its way to show a list of notes. So when you drag a picture to a note and it suddenly takes all the visible space or even more and then you have to resize it, one wonders if isn't there any friendlier way. Not to mention that I can drag une or more pictures to from Picasa to the note list, and see a new note created, but I can't drag it directly into the body of a note: any hint? Thanks.
  4. Hi, as the title says, isn't there a way to undo what you do in a note? Thanks.
  5. Hi, is there a way to set a fixed size for a picture when I drag it in from Windows explorer? Or better, to have a pop up dialog that asks for the size every time you drag a picture into a note? Or even better, to be able to insert empty "picture frames" so I can create a template note to be copied to create a new empty note, and when I drag a picture into a frame, the picture gets risaized to the size of the frame. And also, is there a way to make a freehand draw into a note? Maybe through a plugin? Thanks.
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