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  1. Cheers for response, I've installed the 6.10.2beta2 webclipper and its working well
  2. I have recently started experiencing some aberrant behaviour on a windows 7 machine running firefox. The evernote web clipper stopped functioning. After much poking it was discovered that normal functionality could be returned by setting the third party cookie setting in firefox to an "accept" policy rather than a "denied" setting I am only seeing this behaviour on a single machine, running Windows 7 64bit, Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper , and previous to last week was was not displaying the behaviour. I have looked at a Mac OSX 10.12.2, Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper, A Linux machine of some Ubuntu flavour running Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper , Neither of these machines are dysfunctional with the third party cookies denied. I found it persisted through reinstalls of the addon as well as Firefox, I attempted Firefox 50.0.0 and Firefox 51.0.b14 both with web clipper and the problem presisted. However when I downgraded web clipper to 6.9.3 the problem resolved. web clipper is operational with third party cookies disabled. I am not too sure what happened to invoke this behaviour. The affected machine was operating 'normally' up until recently. And machines with current version configurations of Firefox and web clipper are not displaying the behaviour, yet.
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