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  1. It would be interesting to know if EN's implementation -- i.e., a choice of six fonts, none of which are standard, two of which are fonts that many users wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole -- is what the requesters were looking for. You know how showers vary so much from bathroom to bathroom (at least here in the U.S.A.), and it's often hard to figure out how an unfamiliar one works? Settling on those six fonts is like home builders deciding to standardize bathrooms by replacing every shower with a watering can.
  2. I should have been more specific. Yes, there's a "sans serif" font, but it's not exactly no-nonsense. I'd like something boring like Helvetica or Helvetica Neue, i.e., a font that doesn't call attention to itself as a font. And Script and Handwritten -- do people really use those?
  3. I've just gone back to 7.14 because of the font issue. I don't need 1000 fonts, but I'd like at least one no-nonsense sans serif. I understand that Evernote did this because some users wanted the same look and feel across platforms. I'm fairly certain, though, that this wasn't the solution they were looking for.
  4. I've tried to work with the new version but will be going back to the older version, in part because of the poor default fonts. So to answer what I think is your question: no, the user request is not atrocious and stupid. The way Evernote chose to address it is.
  5. I want to add my two cents about restoring top list view. Thankfully, I kept the older version of the app and will use that until top list view reappears.
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