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  1. So thank you for your input. As I mentioned, the Evernote outlook clipper will only work about 10% of the time. It breaks and you cant get it to work again until a new version of Evernote is released and then it will be fixed for awhile and then breaks again. I would only use the clipper if it worked. I understand the comment that it is an outlook issue but if I forward the same email to my gmail account then the documents are there (not stripped) then if I forward from gmail to evernote the files are there. So I dont know why outlook only strips the files when sending to the evernote email address. Again the only time I see the issue is forwarding from outlook to evernote and this issue is a new one as it used to work with this computer, with this version of outlook. Bryan
  2. OK before you type search the board, I have and the fixes dont work. A new problem that I am experiencing is that when I forward a message from outlook to Evernote it strips the attachment. If I forward the same email to my gmail account and then forward to evernote then it works. The reason that i forward is that the evernote clipper works 10% of time and only after I have installed a new version of Evernote. I am running outlook 2013 and Evernote for Windows. Bryan
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