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  1. Logging in to evernote website addressed this issue with webclipper. After tracing back steps, I realized that the webclipper started logging out after I had chose NOT to persist cookie/auth for website login, by not selecting remember me on website login. I can see the webclipper login and out realtime(the dot disappears and reappears), by simply logging in and out of evernote website. I out of habit tend not to persist website logins. But I guess if I am ok with website clipper staying logged in, I should be ok with evernote website staying logged in as well. UX Feedback for Evernote: If you are tying the same cookie and auth session to webclipper extension and general website at least be consistent. If I log in to webclipper, provide some indication of persisting the session and updating the cookie. It seems to be one way now where the website auth persistance overrides the webclipper, but not the other way around. I doubt the average user is going to even consider the auth session persistance between what seem like two separate "apps": the clipper and the website.
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