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  1. I'm enrolled and it's still not fixed for me. How can I help you in this program?
  2. Hello, my issue is that he typing is glitchy on some notes and I don't know why. (I'm lucky for not having the problem in everyone!) I'm on version 7.9.8 LG keyboard Android 6.0 - When I try to write, when I tap the second letter, the cursor goes down a line but nothing appears. Then, it can easily mess up all my notes because it writes over the next letters. - When I backspace in a word, it's deleting the left AND the right letter. It's also deleting the next empty line. - The numbers are not affected by the bug It's just some examples and I don't know all of the things the bug can do and the conditions. Here's a video to illustrate the bug: (Pay attention to the letters I type to understand fully and I suggest you to slow down the video) Thanks!
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