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  1. Hey everyone, I‘m currently testing the Mac version of the new Evernote. It has been said repeatedly that EN is aiming for feature parity. This makes me wonder - do we have any information about presentation mode coming back to iOS? Best wishes
  2. The easiest way: export your OneNote-Notes as PDF. Import the PDF into Evernote. Evernote makes the PDF searchable, and this should work for handwriting within the PDFs. The biggest problem is that there is no batch export option for Onenote.
  3. Two possibilities: 1. There's a app called https://www.exportnote.com which seems to do exactly what you are looking for. 15$ and you're safe. 2. You can import enex-files into OneNote and Apple Notes, which makes Evernote basically much safer than OneNote, as it allows you to switch easily if the service was discontinued all of a sudden. If Evernote goes down, hello OneNote, hello Apple Notes, hello whatever. All data migrated without a hassle, and the least you get is time to sort out a future notes strategy. If OneNote is discontinued ... well, good luck with exporting
  4. Possibly coincidence, but sync seems to be waaaaaaaaaay faster over here in Germany.
  5. I really like the new version. Looks really good. I'm very sad though that the presentation mode is gone :-(. As a teacher, this was a really handy feature.
  6. Hi everyone. (First post! Yeah!) You could just add an additional screenshot (image file) of the first page of the pdf. Image files are displayed perfectly and OCR'ed. This way, you have a preview and your PDF-icon. If it is the one you are looking for, tap to download. You could probably automate the process with Hazel or automator (or comparable tools on Windows). "If a PDF is created, a screenshot of the first page is created and give the same filename as the PDF" etc. Then you just drop both files into the note. I know, the additional steps might seem annoying, but prob
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