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  1. Thanks for your response! Thanks for the tip to use applescript! Can you recommend any website or tutorials to get the basics? >>>Good idea with the @Reading Notebook. I'm curious as to why ToDoist comes into this. Isn't it sufficient just to have the article captured Yes i first didn’t had this todoist integration, but after a few days the reading notebook was flooded and i didn’t read the articles.. so if ive got a task in todoist and need to postpone it to another day this is just motivating myself to read these things!
  2. Thanks for your response! First my workflow is like this: If i find a interest article/blogpost with my iphone ill share it and use the app "workflow" to create a new note because the article will be much better formattet in evernote via the workflow (instead of using the share to evernote directly). This new Note containing the article is generated in my Notebook "@READING" which is just for temporary articles. If i read them i move them to my References and tag it for my system or delete the note. First i just added the Todoist integration to Workflow and generated the task within the workflow, because there i fetch the private URL and pass it to todoist. The Problem is, that sometimes i just see an article on my mac and dont have time to read it at that time and i clip it with the webclipper to my notebook "@READING" . This is why i created the IFTTT Recipe (Which i attached). So either adding an article with the workflow on my iphone or with the web clipper on my mac, ill have a task in todoist to read this article. In terms of passing the (public) URL i attached the Recipe from IFTTT. Sometimes i can see the button "View in Evernote" but sometimes i just can save the article to evernote which makes no sense at all. I know that this is not a big case to just navigate to the notebook by myself, it just would be a very nice and handy workflow if the link passed to/from IFTTT would be a private URL. I cant understand why the App Workflow is able to fetch the private URL and IFTTT isnt. I already submitted a request to ifttt but didnt get any answer since 3 weeks
  3. Hey, is there a way to get a URL to a specific Notebook in Evernote? I want to use this in todoist + my Reading Notebook. I've got a ifttt Workflow, which creates a new Task (READ [Article Title] in Evernote Reading Notebook) if i add a Note to the Reading Notebook. What i want now is a quick way to Jump to the Notebook or even better the Note itself. With ifttt i just can use the "public url" so if i tap on the Link of the Note in my todoist task, the iDevice or my Mac just opens a new tab in safari and shows the note. What i want to happen is to get the "private link" and jump directly to the note with the clipped article, or either just jump to the Notebook if there is a way to retrieve a private link to a notebook. Would be great if you could help me, or even tell your workflow about reading articles in evernote
  4. Yes of course i can copy them but then i dont work with the original note and my mates/collegues cant see the changes ive made. in my opinion this is a missing feature... i just want to move the note into my own organization system of evernote and tag it so i could find it much faster.
  5. I also tried this.. can't move the note to one of my own notebooks.. or use tags from myself! That’s definetly a missing feature...
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