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  1. I had this problem when I replaced my computer recently - the Evernote icon was there when I downloaded the program, then it disappeared and I was stuck with the default windows 'image' icon. Not intuitive and deeply disturbing for those with OCD tendencies (like me). I tried all sorts and finally had success. I did this: Delete the old generic 'image' icon from the desktop. Open the Evernote program location, it should be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote. You'll see lot of elephant icons, pick the application called 'Evernote', not the ones with extended names. Right click and pick 'Create Shortcut'. You'll get an error message saying that 'Windows cannot create a shortcut here - Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the Desktop instead?'. Say 'Yes'. Hey presto you (should) now have the correct elephant icon on the dektop. You can also drag the icon from the Evernote folder to your taskbar and pin it there and also drag to the desktop to create the shortcut. What I haven't figured out yet is how to sort the rogue icon in the Start menu. I hope this helps.
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