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  1. The error message displayed when I follow the link to contact the Evernote team via my Google account reads: {"success": "false", "reason": "csrf_failure"}
  2. Thanks, gazumped, for your speedy reply. I did as you suggested, but gave up after I failed to negotiate the maze that Evernote presents as "Contact us". (I followed the link in your e-mailed response, and I tried starting from this website, too.) I cannot describe my problem (set out at the start of this string) adequately by means of the categories offered. I wonder how many people's troubles fit in nicely with pre-formulated questions like those ... I also tried to log a request/contact them/whatever-the-term-is by logging in via my Google account, but it takes me to a page showing only an error message from Evernote. After more than five months, I've plucked up the courage to tackle this again. Is there no way that one can get hold of a real person responding to technical problems? This is SO frustrating. I shouldn't have to be a techno pro to obtain assistance. I just want to access the info that Evernote is supposed to store and protect, which is the whole point of installing this app.
  3. I was using it as a lookup source. I did have intermittent access to WiFi, and I synched quite regularly. So I shouldn't have lost any new notes that I might have created in the period before I cleared my cache. (Even if I did, that would not have mattered much, because such notes would have consisted of quotations or additions to my reading wish list.) What I am frantic about, is the stash of health and administrative info that I've built up over years and which had survived a few migrations between cellphones without any hiccups. The problem was that I had forgotten my camera at home so I had to use my phone's camera all the time. The memory ran out and for various reasons I could not transfer the photos to another device or memory card. So I cleared all the cached data that I thought had been saved someplace else than on my phone or its SD card. On my return home, I could not log into Evernote because the app still would not open, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. However, the startup screen offered only a choice between signing up (i.e. as a new client) or signing in via Google, so I chose the latter option to avoid creating a different Evernote account. (Have never tried using Evernote Web before; always used the app on my phone only.) But I had trouble remembering my Google password, and after entering and re-entering my password and eventually changing it, I decided to risk opening Evernote by means of the 'sign up' option (instead of via Google). I ended up creating - exactly as I had feared - a different Evernote account (other e-mail address than the original one) with a new password . Eventually I discovered Evernote Web in the course of a desperate web search, and I accessed the account created that had been created with my original e-mail address and password. That should have led me to all my data, but it is empty! The app treats me as a new customer who had not entered a byte of data before.
  4. While I was overseas on holiday recently, I ran out of storage on my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy A3). To open up some storage space, I deleted my Evernote cache, trusting that all the content was being stored in the EN cloud every time I synched. (I did not have data roaming enabled.) However, Evernote became non-functional; I could not even open the app. Once home, I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I’ve tried to access the data stored under my account name via Evernote Web, but it comes up empty. Please tell me I have not lost everything that I had stored on Evernote over the past few years ... don’t know how I’ll operate without that convenient source (in many cases, the only source) of essential information! 99% of my notes were text only.
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