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  1. Thank you very much "gazumped"!  Your answer makes sense.  I often find that the high altitude view of software functioning is left off from all the descriptions of virtues by the software makers.  I like to have a "bird's eye view" of the architecture so I can navigate more thoughtfully. 

    Your answer also raises the "...whole other story...".  My next question (of course).

    I would like to keep a copy of my Notebooks and Notes locally (in addition to the cloud).  It seems safer.

    Is there a way to set up my account so a local copy of my Notebooks and Notes is saved (and sync'd)?



  2. I have a beginner question the answer to which I seem unable to find.  So, I am posting it here.

    I have set up an account with Evernote.  I have installed the Evernote program on my Windows 10 computer and opened a Notebook and added some notes.  I also use a MacBookPro and want to be able to see my notebooks and notes and add/edit notes from the Mac.  As I understand it, Evernote is, basically, a "cloud" program with synchronization. 

    On my Mac, I seem able to log into something called "Evernote Web" (https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#n=....) via my Firefox browser.  I can see my "Windows" Notebook and my notes and can edit them on the Mac. 

    My question is "To use Evernote and sync with my Windows copy, am I supposed to download and install a full copy of Evernote program (intended for the Mac OS)? 

    Or, to put it another way, what is the purpose of the "Evernote Web browser page". 

    Am I supposed to install the Evernote Program on only one computer and use the "Evernote Web Browser page" on all other computers with which I want to sync materials? 

    Could I not use the Evernote Web Browser for all computers?  I am confused as to how to set up the two computers to sync with the Evernote program.

    Many thanks.


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