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  1. In Word, I can insert shapes, callouts etc and move them freely around the screen , next to or over the top of existing text, images etc. Excuse me if this is my knowledge-deficit here, but it does not appear you can do this in Evernote (or other information management applications out there for that matter). I love the features of Evernote, but in progressively building up information on a specific topic that I am researching, I would like to be able to make these updates there an then on the page (like a scratchpad I guess), and for this reason I use Word to do this, eg. insert an image, compile a flow-diagram with various shapes, add callouts with my thoughts on specific topics or items, then be able to freely move and re-arrange all of these objects around the page as new information comes to light. I navigate through a very basic Contents page in the doc. If the Premium version can do all this, I would be very interested, but I can't seem to find a demo displaying these abilities.
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