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  1. I just scanned a business card yesterday and had the same pop-up saying that premium would be free for 1 year by linking my linkedin account. I did so and then I was able to scan more business cards but my account is still the FREE account level. Do you happen to have a direct email address for support. I started out at support and ended up in the forums for there. I am not exactly sure what I would type at the support page to get an email address or a way of reporting this issue.
  2. I am super new to this software/service. What I envision is this... I want to be able to drag and drop a folder full of documents into an evernote/notebook/note and have it auto tag based on the contents. Maybe this is a premium feature as it would need search-ability and possibly OCR to determine what the main ideas are. (I would like to be as hands off as possible, but able to easily search and find whatever I am looking for)
  3. Based on common tags and searchable contents.
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