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  1. Sorry about the import problem, I have only imported from the Evernote Windows application. Apparently this is a known problem. I have attached a Word document with a copy of the template. Open the document, copy the entire contents to the clipboard, and paste it into a new Evernote note. Thanks for the other feedback on the app/template. I'll try to add monthly selections to the application and create an installer so that non-programmers can make use of it. EverlogJan 2017.docx
  2. I have created an Evernote Template for 2017 that I use for a daily log of my programming and other events. It features daily entries with the date, day of the week, and day number of the year. There are also entries at the start of the week with the week numbers and of course entries at the start of each month. You can read about it and download the Evernote exchange format file (.enex) in the article Keeping a Daily Log in Evernote. The link for the template is just above the screenshot of the Evernote note at the end of the article. The second half of the article focuses on the program code used to create the template and you don't have to understand that to use the template. Maybe later I will enhance the program to add selections for different date formats, colors, start of the week day, etc. Here is an example of my first days of this year using the template: Jan 2017 2017.01.01 Sun - (001) Judy and Floyd's parties. Local Hexo not available error: On laptop, hexo init was not performed, source downloaded from Git and Node Modules folder was in the Git ignore file. === Week 1 === 2017.01.02 Mon - (002) Take down Xmas tree. 2017.01.03 Tue - (003) Clean up basement
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