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  1. Troublesome aggravating strange ..I WILL REFRAIN FROM APPLYING battling to resist drooping adjectives from that harsher class of similar epithets our great doing-no-evil dog and savior g--gle are presently excised from existence. Suffice it to say that this triffling matter IS, nonetheless, um, ... FRUSTRATING. i ONLY JUST (these past minutes) ESTABLISHED MY FIRST EVERNOTE ACCOUNT. Making use of one of the standard options presented, I CHOSE TO CREATE my Evernote profile/acount via MY G--GLE ACCOUNT. BingBangBoom, and done, no problem. The subsequent webpage gave the impression that the initial work to create my account (meaning -- simply making the choice to use my g--gle acct) resulted in successfully executed Evernote account launch. I hadnt been asked about passwords, etc. et al., hadnt been prompted for anything more. Fine, i thought, account basics, it seemed, were in place -- all replicated from my google account as it seemed. Straightaway i headed to my Evernote account details (exactly as i do each and every time i set up a new internet account). First, I want to change my email address. No problem. In a form-field box titled 'new email", provided for this very operation, i entered the new email address, and in the next box, titled password (as i recall), i entered my password for that email. Next i want to make another change to my account info. Dear wonderful and protective Evernote asked for my account password before i could return to that area. Well, as I'd never been prompted to create a Evernote account password, i gave my google account's p/w. ---- Okay, already wasted too much time on this unbelievably stupid ***** -- so i will quickly conclude ------. My G--gle acct password didnt work. Thereafter, i set off frantically trying every imaginable passwordy letter concoction in the world that might have become injected into this establishment-of-account activity (in the last 8 mins!! WHICH IS ALL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT). I suppose the problem here is that i failed to properly I.D. a stupidly and imprecisely labled 'create your evernote password' form field -- and potentially typed something there. So, i tried, as password attempts, everything that i remember typing. all failed to work. Evernote added to my joy by never providing a 'forgot p/w?' bypass. Then of course i was blocked for too many wrong attempts.
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