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  1. Hi


    I just wanted to know, whether Swipes is still in use? I liek the idea of Swipes - and I thought, it would help me managing my tasks (not a strenght from Evernote;-).

    But now, trying to use it, the results are poor, synchronization between EN and Swipes works poor/not, synchronization between Swipes for Iphone and the web application does not work.

    At Swipesapp the latest news are from 2015/16, the facebook account seams to be deserted.

    If so, EN shouldn't celebrate them as a actual recomendation on the EN-homepage...

    Any news would be appreciated!


  2. Hi there


    The last post here is rather old, but I experience all the same problems.

    No automatic synchronization

    No synchronization with tag "swipes"

    No synchronization of fullfiled tasks (clicked on Swipes)

    On Ipad an Web I have 104 synchronized Tasks

    On Iphone there are only 79

    No change to contact support (Support button does not work or "you have no converstations" - I know, as I can't get in contact!!!)

    I do not understand, how Swipes became a preferred App from Evernote.


    Any recommendations?




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