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  1. If someone could please point to a discussion topic on this issue, I'd appreciate it. I know I can't be the only one experiencing text formatting issues in both Windows Desktop version and web version. Bullets are acting crazy. Copy/Paste function is changing the format of my text entirely. Is there something I need to do in settings to get this to work. At first, I thought it was a Windows version only issue, but when I attempted to make the same edits via the web version, the same crazy formatting problems surfaced there too. And Today, my Evernote for Windows 7 crashed completely and I keep getting periodic messages 'Not Responding'. It just gets hung up and crashes. It's been doing that a lot more frequently over the past month. Can someone give me some advice here before I open a support ticket?...which I hear is not doing people any good right now. I've been with Evernote since Dec 2015 and I've never had so many formatting issues than I've had over the past few months. I am a Premium user. ~ Frustrated
  2. I Love this idea! It would be soooo convenient! I've tried several different views and believe I've settled on the one that works best for me. But I still find that Pinning would be extremely useful and efficient! I use Google Keep simultaneously with this one because Evernote lacks Pinning and Re-ordering of tasks (checkboxes). I know some of you Evernote gurus have offered quite a few suggestion workarounds here. And I appreciate that very much! It will help me in the meantime until Evernote adds a 'Pinning' feature. I'm going to have to search for 'Re-ordering of tasks/checkboxes' in another discussion. Because I would love to see that as well. If these two things are implemented, I truly won't need to use another app. Thanks guys!
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