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  1. I just upgraded to Evernote 10.8.5, after a popup told me my old version was deprecated. In 10.8.5, Pages and Numbers documents will not show a preview in a note. In the old version, I could opt to see the preview or display it as an attachment. If this feature has vanished, I'll be rolling back to the old version as this upgrade will severely detract from my workflow. Thank you.
  2. Not to lazy web, but do you have any specific recommended pages? This one seems promising but I don't know if you recommend others: Wrangle Evernote with AppleScript. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks @DTLow! That's much simpler! :-D Thanks for all your help. I feel better. I really love Evernote, and anything I can do to improve my workflow adds seconds and eventually days to my life. :-)
  4. Thanks, for anyone reading this, one of the solutions is here. It's an AppleScript that does the trick.
  5. Oh that's helpful. Thanks. But I don't have the "@Evernote" in my "Where:" Dropdown. How do I create that?
  6. Huh. Sorry. My pasted screenshots after the colons didn't make it to the post. Crud. Hopefully you can still make sense of it.
  7. I've done a lot of searching and playing and can't quite get my arms around this one. I use a Mac, obviously, and work on Pages docs and Numbers sheets quite a bit. I'm use Evernote exclusively to keep track of all my stuff. I especially like that all my notes are in one place and I can be on any machine or platform and get to my stuff. This is great for notes. However, When I move machines, sometimes the content I need is a Pages or Numbers doc. Here's where I get all turned around. I can easily drop a sheet into a note: No problem. Now after I drop, I
  8. I tried this workaround, and the CPU calmed down. Evernote Version 6.10 (454267 Direct), macOS Sierra 10.12.3, MacBook Pro Retina, mid 2014. I can't live without spellcheck though. Turning Automatically Check back on, and the CPU is behaving.
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