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  1. For me, the first practice clip I tried worked...for the first half of the page, then kind of fell apart after that (got the words, but no formatting) I would switch to pocket except that they don't like to export their whole clip (if you share it to Evernote or OneNote or whatever or within their IFTTT trigger) and I don't like Pocket for long term storage of things. I found a workaround that gives me full text of pocket clips, but it's got some drawbacks and the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. I love Mozilla's offerings in general, but Pocket seems very weirdly closed off and I'm not into it.
  2. I'm interested in the explanation that this issue was "related to a recent Android OS software update that was rolled out on Google's end" since there seem to be many people on different OS versions (since most of us aren't on vanilla android straight from google). Can someone explain this a little further? Thanks for the work on getting it fixed.
  3. The clipper hasn't worked for me on my phone for a week now. Incidentally, I've been testing out OneNote for the last month as a replacement due to other major, deal breaker issues (what prompted the switch was that the "undo" function doesn't work). But up to this point I've been using the EN clipper so that I still have the notes there in case I want to switch back at the end of my test, then I use IFTTT to send them to 1N. Which means that the ONLY thing I use EN for right now is entirely broken. And now I'm going to have to start using OneNote for that too, because the failed clips are getting forwarded. I'm also on a note 8 on Android 7.1.1. Anyone having this problem who isn't on a Samsung device?
  4. Every other program/app that I have that offers even the slightest amount of word processing allows for this, including google docs which syncs automatically. There's just no excuse to not have support for undo, one of the most fundamental functions of word processing. Even as a premium subscriber, I've lost data due to note history not having a recent enough backup. As an author who takes note for my novels in evernote, this terrifies me. I only just now figured out that the issue is most likely a conflict with instant sync, because it honestly wouldn't even occur to me that once the file syncs, actions can't be undone, because this isn't the 1980s.
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