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  1. We all have a ton of notes. But let's say you have a couple notes with phrases like "productpage" in one, and "productspage" in another. Now you can search with the string "product" or "prod" and you see the notes in the results list. Now, one would conclude you can also search for "page" or "duct"... unfortunately those searches will not list those two notes at all. MS OneNote search, unix grep, and other tools all seem to yield the expected results, but searching in evernote, you often need to know exactly the phrase you're searching for in order to search for it, which of course isn't very useful, and sometimes you just won't find your notes. Anyone else see this as an issue? I'm not saying we need regex match searching or anything (although that might be a nice feature) but we should definitely be able to search any portion of a string and not just from the beginning of it. show of hands?
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