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  1. I see the same problem. When you're in a hurry to paste to a note, it slows you way down when you have to 'double click' and even then you wonder if it'll work correctly. Really hope you can fix this quick. Thanks!
  2. I am also a Free user and while I've really enjoyed using Evernote for years, the latest "improvements" leave me wondering why it seems that things get broken quicker than they get fixed! I've been dealing with this "2 click" annoyance for a couple months now, sure is a time waster! And no I don't do Twitter either, so this is all I've got.
  3. My apologies to you gazumped! I actually tried to open a ticket with Evernote, but was "encouraged" to use the forum and that "they" will respond. So I thought you were an Evernote employee responding to my post. I sure do appreciate the ideas you've mentioned! But I guess another reason I assumed you were Evernote was because there was no acknowledgement that the current functionality is not very good. But the fact that you run beta code pretty much explains that too! For sure, I am not running beta. My version is: Public. From your screen shot it sure does look promising t
  4. Thank you for your reply. While this may be a "work around" solution for some, I added the below business card and as you can see the fields that were pulled from the card are not editable. I've tried double clicking all over the place and nowhere does it allow me to edit the phone number or add an email address. But even if it did, I think the "work around" proposed is kludgey and shows that Evernote has not dedicated time to solve what appears to be a simple issue for years! Creating a separate note with the same name is plain old clumsy and inefficient. Sorry to be so blunt, but I thin
  5. I've used Evernote for years and love it! Recently I felt the need to scan my business cards and store them in Evernote for easy access. First feedback I got was that I needed to be a Premium member to do this. Then I got prompted for a free year of scanning business cards if I allowed Evernote to read my LinkedIn profile. So I did that. Then after scanning the card on my Android phone, I was fairly impressed! However, I was unable to edit info on the card via my Windows Evernote app. After searching, the answer is to always do your edits in the Android app. Well... that's not very fea
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