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  1. This feature would be incredibly helpful. I don't want to be overly dramatic but right now the lack of this feature negates much of the usefulness of Evernote. As I see it Evernote is supposed to be a catch-all for all of the junk in my life, including to-dos, tasks, etc...hence a "reminder function." In other words, whether stated explicitly or not the point of Evernote is increased productivity. But, without a snooze feature, whether I'm working in Evernote or another application when a reminder pops up I have to completely break my workflow and concentration to choose one of two very suboptimal choices: 1) "close" the reminder so that I don't break my workflow...only to know I won't be reminded again later and therefore making the reminder feature useless; or 2) stop what I'm doing so that I can either deal with what the reminder is reminding me to do or reset the reminder for another time. The problem with this is that rather than allowing Evernote to be a tool that helps me get other things done, Evernote ends up being something that demands immediate babysitting. I understand that all apps require a certain amount of maintenance and babysitting...the problem is when it has to happen immediately, forcing the user to choose between the two suboptimal choices I describe above.
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