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  1. Similar to the MAC version, I like presentation mode to work with multiple notes selected while allowing some for of toggle or navigation between the notes.
  2. Problem description I have a perfectly synch'd account I search for a particular note I know I have with a 4 word text search. The full client (Mac) takes <1 second, returns 26 notes and the one I was looking for is the first result. It has to be the first result, because the 4 words are in the note title! The web client (Chrome) takes 5 seconds, returns 25 notes and the one I was looking for is the 11th result. By Google search standards, that's page 2 (aka 'the best place to hide a body') This is a highly inconsistent and dis-satisfactory UX for the web client. Are there ways around the poor web search or are updates in the making?
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