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  1. I wasn't fully clear, I meant notebook level encryption. Paying a premium for a product such as Evernote, one simply prefers not to have to use third party products to provide things like full notebook encryption. We pay premiums so that we don't need to spend time implementing third party solutions.
  2. Would love to hear a response from Evernote on this feature. The spin on security is quite misleading: https://evernote.com/security. The average user may see fancy terms like "TLS" and "Transport Encryption", and think that "locked cage(s)" protect their data (seriously this is the wording on the security site). They added encryption for data at rest in 2016, but this still doesn't provide the level that is necessary at this point in time. Consumers should be able to own encryption of their own notebooks (beyond just text) and it should be encrypted on the client side too. Another article: https://www.lifewire.com/evernote-tips-you-should-avoid-153286
  3. +1 - would also pay an additional premium for full encryption.
  4. It's a feature request - it's doable if the effort is put in. It's not my job to consider the impact or implementation, that's why I'm just a consumer and am using this forum to make a feature request.
  5. I'm not recommending that it necessarily be on by default for all users, but yes users can control there own keys. In the same sense that users can control there own recovery keys when turning on 2FA or 2SV for google, icloud, etc. As for OCR & search indexing, processing power on machines is at a point where these functions and indexing of this data could reside locally and also stored in encrypted fashion within Evernote. This isn't anything revolutionary. Seems that Evernote team would rather have direct access to our data than ensure proper security over it.
  6. Thanks - perhaps the title and wording of that should be updated though. Password protecting versus full encryption and allowing users to control there own keys is the point I was trying to get across.
  7. Is there an existing request for this you can point me to? These forums aren't very practical for feature requests, I was unable to find a previous request.
  8. I would like to store some secure documents within Evernote, however Evernote for years has lacked full encryption on notes and has constantly ignored the request from many to fully encrypt our data. This should be core to the Evernote service offering. Users should have the ability to control their own encryption keys as well.
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