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  1. On 1/3/2017 at 0:05 PM, gazumped said:

    Hi.  When you switch to the notebook view your web browser has to refresh the list of notebooks - could this issue be down to a slow or an intermittent web connection?

    I don't think so... my dad runs an internet radio so we have a really good connection. And it doesn't eventually load up or anything either like I would assume it would if it was just a slow connection. Also, I am unable to effectively put new notes into various notebooks (because of blank pop-down box) so I would imagine that wouldn't be because of connection either. 

  2. I really like the web version of Evernote, but lately, I've been running into a problem. My notebooks won't show when I try to look at them! While the notes section is still working fine I have to scroll through dozens of notes just to reach the one I want or search for it every time, despite knowing exactly where it is if I could only access the notebook. When I click to view my notebooks, sometimes if I refresh or restart the web app it will show the first 3 to 6 notebooks, but the moment I try to navigate the notebook section they all disappear. I've restarted my laptop, the web app, logged out and signed in... all sorts of things! But none of it works. The old Evernote web version is working fine (I tested it...but I prefer to use the new one if I can!). ALSO, when I create a new note and go to change which notebook it is in besides my default one, the entire pop-down menu goes blank as well. Please help me! I love Evernote but this makes it very difficult to work with. 

    I attached a screenshot of what it looks like when I click the notebook section. 


    Screenshot 2017-01-02 at 10.30.00 PM.png

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